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About Us

Han You Chinese Learning Institute is dedicated to building a strong environment keeping in mind the rise of India and China in playing decisive roles in the business fabric on a global level. At Han You Chinese, apart from teaching Chinese, students are introduced to the socio-cultural background of China and given accurate ideas about the corporate scenario there. Han You Chinese carries the banner of “Chinese and You” proudly, and works towards this vision in every way. Every aspect of Han You Chinese radiates the essence of “Chinese and You”. Han You Chinese Learning Institute is located at a convenient spot in the southern area of India’s capital, New Delhi. It is open to students from all backgrounds and all walks of life. It welcomes college students, housewives, businessmen, and full-time corporate employees to its facilities. At Han You Chinese, quality is given a much higher priority than quantity, and therefore, batches consist of a manageable amount of students only. Han You Chinese Learning Institute not only enables students to learn to speak Chinese, but also gives a whole new aspect to their personalities.

Aim & Mission

  • We under-commit and over-deliver. Our mantra is simple. We give you more than you expect.
  • We aim to boost your chances of landing jobs in India,abroad and colleges in China.
  • We catalyze your business and give you chance to explore overseas options.
  • We believe in natural chain reactions; what we teach you, you will teach others. Our mission is humanitarian and we believe that knowledge is power.

Why Han You Chinese

  • Our faculty hails from China and Taiwan itself. With native teachers, we deliver better teaching facilities to our students, giving them the chance to interact with locals from China firsthand.
  • Our partners in China and Taiwan own prestigious colleges and business which gives our students a clear cut advantage over their competitors.
  • With years of experience backing us, we guide students to grab scholarships in excellent colleges in China and Taiwan.
  • We conduct classes which is bi-directional. Students engage with teachers as much as the teachers engage with them. We use the support of practical examples and impressive teaching techniques to create long lasting impressions on our students. Our faculty is experienced and uses the best ways to learn Chinese.
  • We are located at a convenient location in New Delhi, which is easily accessible by public transport and is well connected to the entire city.

Our Team

Cannie Faculty hanyou chinese language institute

Cannie 老师

Cannie Min: a Taipei resident, Co-founder of First native Chinese institute in Northen India, Academic head of HanYou, is a Native Teacher with more than 10 Years of experience of Teaching Chinese from Students to Corporations like MediaTek. A hardworking teacher, Cannie has been a famous among students because of Innovative teaching methods which HanYou keeps on bringing. Ms. Cannie Min is the brand ambassador of HanYou Chinese Language Institute and a proud successful Businesswoman who loves India and its people.

Native chinese taiwanese language teachers

Wanda 老师

Ms. Wanda is taking care of group classes, focuses on Oral communication, indulge students in different activities which helps to develop and remember more Chinese vocabulary in an effective manner. Students describe her as very energetic teacher with Chinese Language Teaching. Wanda loves teaching and meeting new students exploring vast culture of India.

Native chinese taiwanese language teachers

Effie 老师

Ms. Effie is native teacher from Taichung City. She is very energetic and Great with Kids. Effie makes Chinese Teaching with different creative methods of Teaching. She believes that teaching should be fun rather repeating things over. She had been favorite of the students and is very charming.

Native chinese taiwanese language teachers

Michelle 老师

Ms. Michelle. Another Resident of Taichung City is Native Chinese teacher. Michelle taught beginner batches and was highly motivated to do more for students with tons of Notes and materials to make Chinese Learning Easy for Students.

Faculty hanyou chinese language institute

Lazhen 老师

Ms. Lazhen, A Native Teacher is highly experienced in HSK exams and Business Chinese for Professionals. Lazhen has been teaching Chinese since 6 years now. She is expertise in improving communication and professional Chinese learning. Lazhen has been Described as a Strict teacher considering studies with excellence of Understanding students.

Sarah 老师

It is always a pleasure to help others Sara is extremely passionate about teaching Chinese always boosting her students to do their best. Her cheerful and outgoing personality always makes her class extremely fun.

Coco 老师

Coco is an extremely fun-loving teacher always encouraging her students to speak more Chinese in class. She is especially known for offering additional handouts during class which are a major help to the students.

Yu Cheng 老师

Yu Cheng is young interactive and creative teacher. She helps and guide her students to speak more Chinese in class. Always focus on creating additional notes for students which are easy to understand. Focus majorly on verbal skills.

Jessie 老师

Jessie is having good experience in teaching group classes for Chinese Mandarin. The way she interact with students and adoption of different methods to teach the langauge, makes learning language more interesting.

Cyndia 老师

Ms. Cyndia is a Native Teacher at HanYou Chinese. She handles Personal Classes for Business and Professionals. She also teaches Kids and is very good with them. Cyndia loves teaching kids and introducing them to Simplicity of Chinese characters as well as Chinese Culture.

Taishi 老师

“與時俱進 – 大志的 – Keep up with the times”
Hailing from Japan teacher Dazhi is HSK level 5, working as a supporting teacher at Hanyou . As a Mandarin learner himself students he can relate with the students at many levels and is always helping students overcome the initial difficulties faced by new mandarin learners.

Thomas Fan 老师

Mr Thomas Fan, another Native Teacher who is known for Rigorous classes among students and Crash Course in Chinese. Thomas was very confident and highly motivated as described by students. Thomas used to take senior batches at HanYou and usually taught Businessmen.

Frank 老师

“有志者,事竟成 – Where there is a will there is a way”
With a pleasing personality and an extremely good teaching experience Frank is always keen on offering additional time to sort out the issues faced by students after class.

Johnson 老师

“能力越大,責任越大 – With great power comes great responsibility”
An exceptionally dedicated and focused teacher Johnson always has his students’ attention through his engaging personality, always keen on spending time with his students after class as well to sought out their issues.

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