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How to learn Mandarin? Well, Han You Chinese brings a variety of courses for everyone. We serve students who have little time in their schedules. Han You Chinese Learning Institute cates to people from all backgrounds and all professions. From crash courses that help learn chinese within a few weeks to carefully planned timetables that span a year, we have it all. Come join us!

3 Months Beginners Spoken Chinese Course Weekend

Date: 29th June 2019 ; Timings: 10am ~ 12pm on Sat & Sun
This Course is mainly conduct during weekends with duration of 48 hrs or 12 weeks.
Main Focus of Three Months Course:-
Learning the basics of Chinese Mandarin Language
Aims on understanding the Tone Accent
Correct way of Vocabulary pronunciation
Formulation of Sentence Structure 
Learning the Writing patterns and
Important conversational skills by choosing day to day basis important topics
Important part of any Language is Speaking & Listening so main focus on oral communication skills
Learn from native teachers who fluently speak Chinese
Mainly benefits businessmen and aspirants of
HSK1 international Chinese Language Beginners Exam conducted by HanBan, agency of China Government that checks an individual’s efficiency of communication in Chinese Language.

HYC-One Year Course Weekends (5 hrs)

Our flagship course that covers approximately 250 hours of classes, practical activities, and tests. This course offers the best way to learn Mandarin keeping in mind the changing economic trends and business scenario. It shapes students for real-life situations and helps them in all walks of life, be it career, education, or profession. The one year course at Han You Chinese includes outdoor activities and interactive sessions and ideally prepares one for HSK3 Exams. Learn Mandarin with this course which is ideal for anyone who is looking for a job or a career that in any way involves the Chinese language.

HYC Four Months HSK 1 & 2 Weekdays (TWT)

A short term course that covers HSK1 as well as HSK2 exams. This four month Chinese learning course is best for students who are looking to leave India for overseas studies and higher education. This course is conducted by native teachers, and covers more than 500 words, improving your vocabulary. Understanding sentence patterns, practical Chinese, intensive spoken Chinese, interactive activities, group discussions, role play, topic based dialog practice, and tricks to remember characters are a few other highlights of this crash course. This course works on your day to day spoken Chinese skills and also improves formal Chinese skills best suited for business interactions.

One Year Program Weekdays (6 hrs)

Do you want to learn Chinese as a hobby? Looking to add Chinese to your resume? This course is tailor made for college students as well as Chinese enthusiasts. It boosts your career prospects and packs a complete solution for students who have other commitments. The one year weekday course borrows only six hours from your week and gives in return, the best possible Chinese language skills. It prepares the students for HSK1, HSK2, HSK3, and HSK4. With this course, we assure you of getting an excellent job in ready markets. HSK3 is sufficient for this as well as for getting scholarships in esteemed institutions in China and Taiwan.

3 Months Program Weekends (HSK1 Chinese Study) (4 hrs weekly)

This course is fashioned for students who are completely new to the Chinese language. This course prepares students for HSK1 exams. If you are looking for a short term stint in China, either for studies, or for any professional reason, this course is ideal for you. Covering only four hours per week, this is best suited for people who want to get a slight flavour of the language, or for those who just want to experience the the feel of the language. Since this course is affiliated with HSK1, an exam conducted by the government of China, it includes rigorous speaking and classroom programs.

3 Months Program Weekends (HSK2 Chinese Study)(4 hrs weekly)

This course covers the HSK2 curriculum designed by the Confucius institute. “The HSK (Level II) assesses test takers’ abilities in the application of everyday Chinese (Mandarin). It is the counterpart of the Level II of the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages and the A2 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF)”. Quoted by HanBan China. Ince HSK2 demands reading as well as listening comprehensions, this course focuses on these areas and readies them for the said exam. This course also introduces you to little bit to Chinese literature since reading is a part of the HSK2.

10 Months Program Weekdays (6hrs)

The 10 months course conducted for 6 hours each week maintains the beautiful essence of the Chinese Language. You can learn Chinese gradually, understanding the origins and the backgrounds of the study material. Designed for HSK1 to HSK3 aspirants, it focuses mainly on the practical use cases of the language. We strongly believe that ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Keeping this thought in mind, Han You Chinese specially teaches this course to bring out the best in its students. 6 hours a week covers extensive Spoken, written, listening and reading assignments. Language requires no degrees or age. Anyone can learn this language anywhere.

6 Months Non Beginners Program Weekends HSK3 study

For students who have already learnt Chinese from other institutes and want to add more fluency and literacy in their Chinese, this course is made for them. HSK3 curriculum is covered under this course. We believe in teaching practical Chinese instead of referring to old books written years ago. We treat languages as a live entity and discard any mundane teaching practices. Our students have scored more above 98% in the HSK3 exams and we can assure similar results for you. Learn to speak Chinese with us today!

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