Faculty @ HanYou Chinese Language Institute

Han You Chinese Language Institute (HYCLI), denoting “Chinese & You” aims to open the doors of the Chinese world for you. Located in the Southern part of New Delhi – India, the team of HYCI is striving hard to spread across India in order to help individuals and corporations learn the language and culture of China and Taiwan. Han You is the only Chinese language training organization in India run by Native Speakers...


Mandarin: 如秀
English: Sarah
It is always a pleasure to help others Sara is extremely passionate about teaching Chinese always boosting her students to do their best. Her cheerful and outgoing personality always makes her class extremely fun.


Mandarin: 彤童
English: Coco
Coco is an extremely fun-loving teacher always encouraging her students to speak more Chinese in class. She is especially known for offering additional handouts during class which are a major help to the students.


Taking care of Marketing and Student Consultation.

Yu Cheng

Mandarin: 于誠
English: N/A
Yu Cheng is young interactive and creative teacher. She helps and guide her students to speak more Chinese in class. Always focus on creating additional notes for students which are easy to understand. Focus majorly on verbal skills.


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Faculty Member.


Mandarin : 靜芬
English: Jessie
Jessie is having good experience in teaching group classes for Chinese Mandarin. The way she interact with students and adoption of different methods to teach the langauge, makes learning language more interesting.


Mandarin: 宏欣
English: Frank
Where there is a will there is a way”
With a pleasing personality and an extremely good teaching experience Frank is always keen on offering additional time to sort out the issues faced by students after class.


Mandarin: 大志
English: Taishi
“與時俱進 - 大志的
Keep up with the times”
Hailing from Japan teacher Dazhi is HSK level 5, working as a supporting teacher at Hanyou . As a Mandarin learner himself students he can relate with the students at many levels and is always helping students overcome the initial difficulties faced by new mandarin learners.


Mandarin: 幼林
English: Cannie
Always be ready to encounter new things
One of the founders of HanYou Cannie has been living and teaching in India for the past 10 years. A vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic teacher, she always focuses on students' learning abilities making sure that all students are imparted with quality education. She specializes in teaching entrepreneurs, her previous students include professionals from TATA, Hainan call center etc.


Mandarin: 強生
English: Johnson
With great power comes great responsibility”
An exceptionally dedicated and focused teacher Johnson always has his students’ attention through his engaging personality, always keen on spending time with his students after class as well to sought out their issues.


Mandarin : 婉筑
English: Wanda
Understand the present by reviewing the past”
Wanda is a Kathak student and has been living in India for the past 6 years. Creative and artistic she has a unique teaching style that appeals to students of all age groups.