FAQs @ HanYou Chinese Language Institute

Most freequently asked questions on Chinese Language Studies by Learners. To find answers to your queries kindly go through details of questions as listed below
  • Q. What is the duration to learn or speak Chinese language?
    A: The minimum duration is 28 hours for the beginners. However if a student wishes to extend the number of hours, he/she can request for the same.

    Q. Do I get Chinese Language Certificate after the completion of Chinese language Course?
    A: Yes, a student is awarded with a certificate once he/she successfully completes a course at Han You.

    Q. Can I also learn how to write and read during the Chinese course?
    A: Yes, you can learn approximately 30-100 Characters in our beginner basic II.

    Q. What kind of courses do you offer in Chinese language?
    A: For details, please refer our courses section.

    Q. Which Chinese language do you teach - Chinese Mandarin, Mandarin or Cantonese?
    A: Chinese mandarin and mandarin are both same language. We do not teach Cantonese.

    Q. What kind of job opportunities I can find after learning the Chinese language?
    A: Since the scope is much wider, here are few jobs you may get
    --> Chinese tour guide
    --> Chinese interpreter or translator
    --> Chinese IT software/hardware engineer
    --> Banking business
    --> Chinese teacher
    --> Any field that relates to the language Chinese

    Q. Who is going to teach me – A local Indian teacher or a Chinese/Taiwanese Native teacher?
    A: All teachers at HAN YOU Chinese Language Institute are native speakers.

    Q. Do you teach on weekdays and weekends both?
    A: Yes, you can schedule the classes according to suitable time.

    Q. I have already learnt basic Chinese. Do you have higher level Chinese Language Courses?
    A: Yes, we offer an advance courses directly, however one has to clear the basic level entrance exam to enroll in the advance course.

    Q. Are the teachers experienced in teaching Chinese Language?
    A: Yes, all are teachers hold valuable experience for teaching Indians as well as foreigners.

    Q. Do you also provide home tuition for Chinese Language?
    C: Yes, however it is only for a group of students.

    Q. Once the Chinese learning course is completed, do you also provide placements?
    A: Yes, we do. We have very strong networks with Chinese industries in India.

    Q. Do you also provide assistance to study in China or Taiwan or Hong Kong?
    A: Yes, Han You is a Chinese education consultancy center. We help students to pursuit their dream in the Chinese world.

    Q. Do you also teach Chinese language pronunciations?
    A: Yes, we are native speakers of China. Hence we ensure the students earn the same way as native speaker speak.

  • Can Kids learn new languages at home?
    Kids / Children can learn new language at home only if any relative or family member communicate on daily basis with kids. By Learning foreign Language, Children become better learners, better thinkers and thus become better citizens of the world.

    Should I make my Child bilingual and how does it will his/ her intelligence?
    If you have the resources to teach foreign languages, it will be good for child overall growth. Being a bilingual child, it improves academic performance, brain development, also helps to learn native language. WRT, Raul Rojas (Asst. Professor at Texas University Dallas; Bilingual Expert),”Commonly held myths of language confusion are exactly that: myths! Bilingual children coordinate and negotiate information across their languages; bilingualism does not cause communication disorders, and monolingualism does not cure them.”, Cultural Awareness of others.

    Is making my child to listen more than one language make him confuse?
    Please refer to Raul Rojas (Asst. Professor at Texas University Dallas; Bilingual Expert),”Commonly held myths of language confusion are exactly that: myths! Bilingual children coordinate and negotiate information across their languages; bilingualism does not cause communication disorders, and monolingualism does not cure them.”,

    What is the best way for kids to learn a second / new / foreign language?
    With Reference to By Linda Halgunseth — Diversity in Education Special Edition Contributor” – Two ways to teach children second language ; 1. Simultaneously 2. Sequentially 1. Simultaneous learners are those who exposed to different languages at home through Family members. e.g. mother speaks English and Father speaks Hindi. Kids at very young age do not prefer one language over other. 2. Sequentially: Children who become familiar with one language at home. Other language introduced outside home such as, at School. Best example is Hindi speaking child introduced in English Medium school. In such cases, children come across four stages : 1. Few days persistence on home language use 2. Once children realize home language not much useful, they enter into silent period where they barely speak and rely on non-verbal means to communicate. (Parent shouldn’t be worried if they realize this behavior in children as this common stage. Research found that children under the age of 6 to 7 years are more able to speak the language like native speakers. 3. They start speak only few words by repeating words of others. 4. Finally children will start to express themselves and construct own dialogues.

    What is right age to learn new language?
    Recent Studies on children learning Foreign Language indicate that the best time for learning another language is the first three to four years of life. Preshcool years are important years for learning another language.

    How long it will take the kids to learn the new / Chinese Language?
    Learning Far East languages such as Chinese Language is require much more time against the expectations of adults. Children usually learn language through natural interactions with the rule of “the more the better “ kind of environment. In case if you don’t have conditions for children to speak another language everyday basis, then it is important to keep them in-touch with language on slow and gradual process. Once children get compatible environment to speak foreign language, it will be more comfortable for them to interact.

    How different or difficult for Children to learn new language than mother tongue?
    Children at young age have unbelievable learning ability and can learn the new language provided the environment for speaking and practicing.

    Are some languages for kids , are more difficult than some Languages?
    For English Speaking children, its easy to learn second language such as Spanish and French as compared to Far Eastern languages such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

    Is it okay to raise the child with two languages?
    Yes, it is perfectly fine to raise the child with two languages.

  • If I study Level 1 at HanYou can I give HSK level 1?
    Yes, the levels at HanYou are designed in such a way that after completion of each level you can give the corresponding HSK test.

    Where can I take the HSK Test?
    There are generally two ways you can take an HSK Test – in person or online. By “online”, it doesn’t mean that you can take the HSK Test at home – these are still administered in test centers, except you take an online version of the HSK instead of a paper based HSK test.
    One reason why you might prefer the online test is that you can type answers – it might be appealing for those who have trouble remembering how to write characters, or prefer to type because it’s faster.
    Either way, you can use the online registration to register for the tests – it’s really convenient.
    1. Go to chinesetest.cn and register for a new account
    2. Then, go to the “Test Registration” button at the top of the page.
    3. You can select your test centre, date and information and click submit. (Please note that some test centers do not offer online testing, so if you select online testing, there might be no test centers available).
    4. Then follow the steps and submit your personal information, and you will be registered for the test.
    5. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have an online payment option – you have to pay at the centre before the deadline.
    6. Voila! You’re done.

    Where can I find out HSK Test dates?
    You can visit the official website for the HSK test dates. There’s usually a link on the homepage that leads to the test dates of the year.

    Where can I do HSK registration?
    Same as the first question – register here.

    When can I find out my HSK Test results?
    The test results dates are also on the official website on the same page as the exam dates. You can visit the official website.

  • How can my company register for the corporate classes?
    Kindly click on register button for the corporate classes.

    Can the course be customized according to my company requirements?
    Yes, after providing the details of what exactly your company requires the course contents can be customized according to your company's particular requirements. Industry specific language, real-life activities and documents from your company can be incorporated into the course materials.

    Will the teacher be coming to the company or the students have to go the institute?
    Our teacher can travel to the company given that the transport reimbursement is provided or the students can come to our institute to study Chinese.

    What will be the result of the course?
    The final outcome of the course will be that not only will your employees gradually master the Chinese language, but they will also be educated on various aspects of Chinese culture.

    Are any examination conducted during the course?
    Yes, two exams will be conducted for each level – Mid-term exam and final exam. The final grade is an average of mid-term exam and final exam which are further divided into writing, listening and oral test.

    Do you provide any certificate?
    After the completion of the course two certificates will be given one participation certificate and the other will be a final grade certificate, given the fact that the employees pass the examination.