Study Abroad @ HanYou Chinese Language Institute

Han You offers students a unique experience overseas. We let you design your program with our faculty to study in China or Taiwan. Your vision and our resources together become your learning experience.As you decide your short term course with us, Han you journey to China offers the following combinations.

Undergraduate & Graduate Courses


China and Taiwan is attracting an increasing number of international students for graduate and post graduate studies due to several reasons, affordable high quality education that is recognized internationally being one of them. We provide assistance to students who wish to do their graduation or post-graduation in China or Taiwan. From helping the student to select the most suitable university to finding lodging, our team will always be there.

Why Study in Taiwan?


10 reasons Taiwan is ideal place for studying
First | A Perfect Place to Learn Chinese
Second | A Repository of Chinese Culture
Third | Learn Complete, Traditional Chinese Characters
Fourth | An Excellent Environment for Learning Chinese
Fixth | Available Scholarships
Sixth | A Free and Democratic Society
Seventh | Easy to Reach, A Great Place to Travel
Eighth | High Standard of Living
Ninth | Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL)
Tenth | Work While You Study .

Long term study


Students who wish to do a degree course or want to enrol in a 1-2 years language program in China or Taiwan; we help them to apply for the same. As per the suitability of the student we use our wide network in China and Taiwan to help student stay for a longer time and complete his or her course. As the student lives for a longer time in the country, complete arrangement of his or her accommodation is done by us. Once the student completes his course, we also ensure that he does not face any problems at-least in picking up a local job.

Short term study


Our short term courses are usually of 4-6 months and comprise of language course, certificate course, internship program and summer camp program in China or Taiwan. Using our strong network in China and Taiwan we help students live comfortably and complete their course. As the student walks through the course in the country overseas, he also experiences tours to various places and get a taste of food and culture of the country. All this is organised by our team keeping the suitability of the student in consideration.