Campus Interviews

A Campus interview is an exchange of interaction between a student applicant and a representative of an institution which is conducted to assess the suitability of the applicant to be admitted. Campus Interviews are one of the most common tests for student selection. These interviews vary in structure and kind ranging from those where simply a conversation takes place to one where the applicant is supplied with a set of questions to be answered. However, sometimes such interviews may be conducted in a foreign language , especially when we are looking forward to pursuing admissions in a country which has a different medium of instruction, or in particular, an official language. In the case of Mandarin Chinese, the best way to learn it is through its knowledge and practice. At Han You Chinese, our native teachers develop your skills for campus interview for the most prestigious colleges in China and Taiwan. It is ensured that one leaves fully equipped with fluency and skills to master it right in front of the representative taking the interview. You can learn how to speak Chinese in a way that is best suited to provide the right kind of impression. We make sure that one is able to express what is on their mind through what they wish to utter in words in Mandarin. The Chinese language is an art in itself and we at Han You Institute are simply working to bring that out of you.