“Learning a new language is like unlocking a door to a new world. Let’s explore Mandarin together!”
Mistakes are stepping stones to learning. In Mandarin, each mistake brings you closer to fluency. Embrace them, learn from them, and let’s grow together
Chinese is not difficult, just requires patience and practice. Let’s work together, and soon you’ll speak fluent Chinese

Upcoming Chinese Language Courses

Course Online HSK1
Duration 50 hrs
Days Wkds/Wknd
Seats Available
Course Online HSK2
Duration 50 hrs
Days Wkds/Wknd
Seats Available
Course Online HSK3
Duration 100 hrs
Days Wkds/Wknd
Seats Available
Course Online HSK4
Duration 100 hrs
Days Wkds/Wknd
Seats Available

HanYou Chinese Language Institute in Delhi NCR

Han You Institute is Top Rated Chinese Language Institute Delhi NCR since 2005 with the high positive feedback. Read Han You Google Reviews. All our teaching faculty is Native Chinese and Taiwanese only. Teachers are Experienced and supportive.

Language Courses
We offer the following courses:
1. Beginners Courses in Chinese Language – are available in both offline as well as online format. Students who cannot visit institute can join online courses. Offline courses are best suited for students from Delhi NCR.
2. Non-Beginners Courses in Mandarin Chinese – Available in both offline and online for the Weekdays / Weekends.
3. Spoken Chinese Classes (for HSK4 holders)
Centrally Located

We located near the Hauz Khas Metro Station, and this is upcoming central point for Delhi NCR. We are directly connected with Noida, Gurgaon, West Delhi and North Delhi.
Contact Us to learn Chinese Language in Delhi. You can Call or WhatsApp us on 9560484269 for more detailed information.

HSK Achievements

Our students secure 90% above marks in HSK1, HSK2, HSK3 and HSK4. Students achieved 100% in HSK3 and for HSK4 above 80% in first attempt only. We are the first choice for many learners due to our right approach for teaching language. This also makes us Top Rated Chinese Language Institute Delhi NCR

Job Opportunities

Most Chinese language learners opt for the Mandarin course to get jobs in MNCs. They are eligible to sit in the interviews on completing the level4. We also offer the Job opportunities to our eligible students’. Many MNCs approach Han You Institute to look for the candidates who already learnt Chinese Language till the HSK level4.

Native Teachers

Students learn Chinese language only with Native Teachers. Teachers are experienced and available to assist the students for doubts.

Study Material

We do not charge our students for the study material. It is completely free and offered during our class sessions. The free study material includes notes, books, audios and other digital references to practice the Chinese language.

HSK Levels

HSK’s full form is Hànyǔ (Chinese) Shuǐpíng (level) Kǎoshì (test) or Chinese Proficiency Test. HSK test is China’s official test and is important test for non-natives or foreign nationals to assess their language skills in Chinese Mandarin for daily use or on professional level. China Government recently revised the old HSK system (HSK1 till HSK6) to new HSK System (HSK1 till HSK9). This change has been made after finding that Non-Natives are lacking language skills for daily tasks, especially till intermediate level (New HSK6). Below is the Vocabulary Comparison Chart based on information available:

Level HSK Levels Old HSK New HSK
Beginners HSK1 150 500
Beginners HSK2 150 500
Beginners HSK3 300 1000
Intermediate HSK4 600 1,000+
Intermediate HSK5 1,000 1,000+
Intermediate HSK6 2,500 1,400+
Advanced HSK7,8,9 11,000+
HanYou institute. I must say I am having an amazing experience out there. Each and every teacher pay attention to every student. And if you miss any class. They will help until you understand. They have very polite and kind nature towards everyone. I know Chinese is a very difficult language but the way they teach you. It becomes so easy to speak and easy to write. If you want to join!!!! Trust me don’t give second thought don’t think too much just join HanYou family!!!! **Reema Sharma
Wonderful experience so far. Teaching style and the intensity during classes are also of great interests. The good thing is, the teachers will force you to come out of your comfort zone that makes it even better. Learning language is not easy, it needs dedication and time. Most of the students shy away from interactions during classes due to hesitations and other reasons. But here at Han You, they create an environment where one is kind of forced to become active and interact during classes so that any remaining hesitations go away. That, indeed, is positive sign for learning a language.**Adnan Khan

Excellent experience.. Teacher pays individual attention to each and every child to ensure they don’t feel left out.. And yes, you feel like family here with all the love and care. The activities in class provide and interactive way to tackle Chinese Speaking, Listening and Reading. HanYou was my best Choice. **Ashutosh Nayak

Why HanYou is First Choice for Chinese Language Learners..

  • Experienced Native Faculty Teaching Since 2011
  • In House Researched Study Material
  • Practical Approach to Language & Focus on Oral
  • Affordable Pricing even with Natives
  • Interactive Group Learning to boost Confidence
  • Extra Help for Meritorious Students

Why Chinese Language be given First Preference..

  • High Trade Level Between India and other Asian Countries
  • 100%FDI attracts MNCs to invest in India
  • Mostly Day Shift and 5 Days Working Jobs, as time difference is negligible among Asian Countries
  • Jobs available in Diverse Industries Electronics, Machinery, Textile etc
  • Offers Good Perks, Designations and Brands
  • With Large Demand Supply, numerous companies offer number of jobs with higher salary packages
  • High Career Growth in Chinese Language Jobs in short time
  • offers Good Salary jobs for Non Technical Backgrounds also
  • Will add value to your Resume Globally 
  • Can establish Trading or Business house with import and export

About HanYou

Top Rated Chinese Language Institute with Native Teachers in Delhi NCR, initiative of Cannie Min and Arun Jaswal, Han You Chinese Learning Institute is only teaching Chinese Mandarin Language since 2011. Ms Cannie Min observed the Chinese Language Accent & Skills of local speakers did not match the requirements of Chinese People. With aim to enhance the language skills, HanYou introduced Chinese Mandarin and is taught by native teachers who can better teach the language since they understand the origin and language essence. Trade between Chinese World and neighboring has doubled since 2011, which has increased the number Chinese Language learners. Learn Chinese with Han You Chinese