The work of an interpreter and/or a translator is to make possible a smooth communication between two groups or individuals who do not share a common medium of language exchange. Interpreters and translators help translation of messages for understanding and exchange. Speaking of such translation, there are basically three modes in inclusion. The first kind includes a synchronous translation at the time of speaking and is thus known as Simultaneous interpretation. The second category includes conversion after the speaker has paused after his message and is waiting for a response. This is called Consecutive interpretation. The third kind is set apart by its differentiated requirement. Here, the translator provides a concurrent interpretation of sentences in a whispered voice which coincides the time of speaking. Han You Institute provides translation services in all the three kinds and in the process we typically chalk out to consider retaining the original tone of statements. We keep in mind that technical terms are not dissolved in translation. We at Han You are assisted by native Chinese people and also local Indian experts who provide all the three forms of translation from English to Chinese and Chinese to English to all groups and individuals needing the service. Our team is efficient in service and we guarantee very satisfying results and reasonable applicant prices for the same. With experience and results that have given us the confidence to write this to you, we ensure quality in your requirements.