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Student’s Corner

Overseas Study

Higher Study In China Taiwan

Studying overseas provide better and higher education to Indian students, this is one of the basic reasons to study in China.

In the last decade China has achieved its target of setting aside4% of GDP for the education sector. In order to promote and support the youth moving from rural to metropolitan areas. The number of universities has doubled in the past 10-15 years as China focuses on improving the education system and developing its technologies that allows its students to acquire better knowledge and skills.

China being located in the close vicinity to India, attracted many Indian students to study MBBS, BTECH, Chinese language and other courses. The fact that China is relatively much cheaper in medical than the rest of the world  makes it attractive and suitable for hardworking Indians to opt for it.

Scholarships for Taiwan Study

Taiwan Government Scholarship for International students

Scholarship courses like HuaYu in Taiwan focuses on delivering students with better understanding of the Taiwanese culture and society. This helps them to develop a mutual understanding and interactions with the natives.

HuaYu courses include short term classes, mainly 3,6 or 9 months during September 2018 to August 2019. Students enrolled for the course needs to reach Taiwan on the given date.

Scholarship funding starts as soon a recipient enrolls for the course, and ends on the expiration date or if the scholarship is been withdrawn.

Download the list of Universities by clicking here
Download the Scholarship Form by clicking here

Chinese Language Exam HSK

China Hanban HSK HSKK YCT BCT Langauge Exams for chinese

The only govt. authorised Chinese language exam, HSK exams are conducted by Confucius institute (HanBan) and is considered as a prestigious exam to compete with other European languages that are also famous among the students worldwide. This Exam introduces students to the international platform to compete and establish better skills.

The HSK includes 6 levels exams and is conducted in all major cities in India. The initial step for the test i.e. for HSK1 & HSK2 evolves basic Oral Communication. HSK exams are recognised and accepted as a legal degree/Certificate in the field of Chinese learning.

Why Study Chinese

why study chinese han you chinese language institute

Today Chinese is among the most spoken languages worldwide. 14% of the global population speak Chinese or Mandarin Chinese. Chinese Mandarin language is spoken in countries such as Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Mongolia, Philippines and Indonesia. And if one wants to establish their business in these regions or is interested in settling here, learning Chinese language or Mandarin Chinese language is the first and most important skill to acquire.

Learning Mandarin is easier as it doesn’t have any verbs or plurals, or tenses, or subject-verb agreement or conjugations. It is easier to learn Mandarin Chinese than any other language.

Mandarin Chinese language speakers use both side of their brains as it involves intelligence and creativity at the same, this certainly fuels one’s brain in several ways.

China Study Scholarship

study in china scholarship han you chinese language institute

Multiple universities in China are govt owned and they offer various scholarship plans for several courses. Colleges in China offer full-time and part scholarship covered courses, widening a student’s approach. Indian students can easily apply for these govt authorised scholarships and avail the best. Some of University offering scholarship:

1. Shaanxi Normal University

2. Tsinghua University

3. Peking University (Undergraduate and Graduate)

  1. Chinese Government Scholarships
  2. Beijing Government Scholarships
  3. Peking University Scholarships
  4. Confucius Institute Scholarships

Job Opportunities

chinese language job opportunities han you chinese language institute

Studying in China or studying Chinese language opens many job opportunities for students in India and China as well; as Chinese is a widely spoken language and it engages with many MNCs in China and across the World. Having a hold on this skills benefits students in finding jobs suitable to their preferences and give them a choice. Today China is investing in foreign countries and the market for Chinese speakers is getting bigger every passing day. Having an ability to speak Chinese or Mandarin Chinese helps one in availing job.


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