Beginners Level1 Offline HSK1 Chinese Mandarin Course covers below details:

Beginners Level HSK1 Chinese Language Course


Course Name:
HSK1 Chinese Mandarin Course
Course Duration:
50 hrs
Course Days:
Available in Both Weekdays and Weekends
Each Class Duration:
2hrs Session for Each Class
Native Chinese Teachers
HSK1 Chinese Mandarin Course will have 2 internal reviews which will cover Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening part

HSK1 Chinese Mandarin Course

Course Content

Tone Accent – Tones are very important part of Chinese Language. Any sentence in Chinese without tones will change the meaning or no meaning. This will make difficult for Natives to understand your Chinese Language.

Proper Pronunciation – Proper Pronunciation of words is important. Native Chinese will face difficult to understand your comments with wrong pronunciation even if your tone accent is correct.

Extra Vocabulary – As Per New HSK system, HSK1 covers 500 vocabulary words as compared to 150 vocabulary words in old HSK1. Therefore, New HSK1 or Band1 of Chinese Language course have extra 350 vocabulary words. A lot completely new HSK words added to the vocabulary for HSK1.

HanZi (Chinese Character writing) – HanYou Institute will teach you Character writing part. HSK1 course includes understanding of Stroke patterns and rules of writing. In HSK1, students should self practice at least 100 basic Chinese Characters.

Study Material – Course content or study material offered by HanYou Institute, is based on years of experience. Our native faculty have contributed in redesigning study material over the years.

Easy to Understand Course – Simple sentences with Daily Greeting words, situation based dialogues are useful in daily routine.

Thorough Reviews – Course includes two internal exams covering Speaking, Listening, Reading and writing part of Chinese Mandarin Language.

Native Teachers – As you will be taught by Native Teachers, it will be good opportunity for all freshers or complete beginners in Chinese Language to get first hand experience to learn with natives.

Course Certificate – On completion of course, you will be offered Certificate from HanYou Chinese Language Institute. The Course will also help you to comfortably crack HSK1 Exam (conducted by China Govt’s Education Dept.)

HSK1 Certificate Exam – HanYou Institute Do not conduct Official HSK1 Exam or issue HSK1 Certificate. However, you can apply online for HSK1 Exam from your location.

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Beginners Level1 Offline HSK1 Chinese Mandarin Course