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Job Opportunities After Learn Chinese

Posted on06 Nov 2018

Job Opportunities in China? 

Xiaomi, a name doing the rounds every indian household has uplifted the image of chinese products and companies. Names like alibaba, one plus etc are becoming hot topics in the job market. On account of globalization and financial development, the open doors for outsiders wanting to work in China have expanded multifold over the years. In 1996, there were just 180,000 outside specialists enrolled in China, however the number is quickly increasing since there are such a large number of of the principle work for non-natives in China, now there has been a developing interest i vocations in China for non-natives today. For quite a while, teaching English has been one in abilities in building, deals, administration and more. The vast majority of the jobs are being offered by global firms yet in addition there has been an expanding number of Chinese organizations contracting, aldo State-possessed organizations are on a hunt. The need is ever increasing for all the markets to mention a few..

Marketing and advertising

Advertising pros are sought for in various diverse divisions, with IT offering the absolute most welcoming chances. Quickly developing Internet organizations need innovative people to take a shot at worldwide advertising and help them focus on their global image. Organizations like Alibaba and Xiaomi have enlisted vast job opportunities for everything from task administration to online networking, and needs will increase. Non-natives working for Chinese multinationals like Lenovo may have to deal with culturally diverse correspondence between various partners inside the organization as well as outside.

Journalism and Publishing

China is an incredible place for editors hoping to increase their horizons. and there are many distinctive alternatives for marketing/reporting specialists. The news houses look for people to bring a global edge to them. Furthermore, there are numerous organizations that give specific data on businesses in China like tech and shares to the world and international business enthusiasts.


China is an extremely engineering focused nation because of the high number of ventures it harbours. China still needs specialists as well as graduates due to its expansion and ever increasing need for skilled engineers. architects can help create new sustainable buildings and  homes that cater to chinese needs. sustainable power source, oil and gas, car producers, etc are vital regions in which both Chinese and worldwide partnerships utilize numerous non-natives. Especially in natural innovation, China is searching for driven designers to help create answers for contamination and feasible improvement. As the prevailing maker of solar panels, China is looking for designers to increase this industry and make them global leaders.
China is a great market to begin your career or turn it to a better direction. Gaining exposure from the Chinese will help to build a better work ethic and the ability to dwell in and work anywhere across the globe.

Sales import and Export

China can be ideal if you have a natural talent in sales. As the largest untapped market in human history, China places an understandably high value on sales skills. Sales in finance and property to expat communities are reliable jobs. If you are more adventurous, seeking out opportunities as a trading manager in the import/export business can lead to your own venture. Chinese manufacturers are on the lookout for getting connected to a foreigner with good sales skills, so it is easy to make friendships if you have something to bring to the table in terms of making import/export sales. However, it takes a bit of creativity and knowledge about how to sell yourself to be able to cement the relationship. Successful foreigners in the import/export business rely on cross-cultural communication skills to network with the Chinese business community. Brush up on your conversational Chinese, know the basics of Chinese drinking culture, and learn number hand signals so you can get good at Chinese drinking games.


Expat packages for management professionals look extremely high in comparison to the average income of expats living in China, but these jobs are reserved for senior candidates with a lot of experience and credentials in their industry. However, if you don’t have the credentials but have the ambition to get into management, China is a place where you can earn an MBA as a faster and more cheaply than elsewhere.  While it is highly competitive for Chinese students to enroll in major institutions such as Beijing University (北大 běidà), Tsinghua University (清华大学 qīnghuádàxué), or Fudan University (复旦大学 fùdàndàxué), exchange programs make MBAs quite accessible to foreign students. Some foreign MBA students find management jobs before they graduate because they were able to network effectively during their MBA program. Chinese skills are an absolutely must in landing a management position, so don’t prolong learning Chinese either.


China is a great market to begin your career or turn it to a better direction. Gaining exposure from the Chinese will help to build a better work ethic and the ability to dwell in and work anywhere across the globe. But these benefits call for learning the Chinese language and their ethics. Knowing chinese is a skill that can get you more benefits as their is a demand for chinese teachers in regional languages everywhere.

Merits Of Learn Chinese

Posted on06 Nov 2018

Chinese economy has been growing exponentially over the years and continues to do so with a blinding velocity. It is undeniable that good communication is vital for flourishment of trade and that only comes with attaining fluency in the language. Trade levels between India and China are higher than most of the other trade destinations that India deals with.

India’s imports from China increased by 14.59% to $68.10 billion. India has emerged as the seventh largest export destination for Chinese products, and the 24th largest exporter to China.” -Times of India, 7th March, 2018.

To add to this, the price range of China is agreeable to the India population. Imports from China are boosted due to this reason as well. Indian people usually go for moderate pricing according to stats, and are more likely to sacrifice quality over quantity. China delivers this requirement with streamlined channels.

Trade between the two nations also gets the added advantage of geography. Being neighbours, transportation expenses are lesser as compared to trade with other countries.

Job opportunities

Corporate employers prefer to hire individuals who can speak more than one language, and China, as it happens, thanks to its strong economy, provides a huge market with business leaders looking to employ people who can understand and speak the Chinese language.

Teaching English has a lot of scope in China. With the growing fractions of Chinese population wanting to learn English and other foreign languages, there are multiple opportunities opening up for one to become a teacher in China for second languages. This would, of course, be easier if one had a knowledge of the local language, i.e., Mandarin, as it enables the student-teacher interaction to strengthen while making the whole experience wholesome.

India and China are the two largest populations in the world. Naturally, this massive human pool is directly proportional to the number of services required as well as needed. In common words, higher the population, higher the supply and demand. This boosts business growth and hence, job openings.

Just like China exports products to India, the service and support side of India returns the favour. Technical Support services in China are negligible and an opportunity bubble is created due to this. This again creates jobs for Indians and makes learning Chinese more useful.


China, like its economy and human resource, also carries with it a rich ancient culture. It has always been in the limelight for producing beautiful artwork. A good grasp over the language is necessary if one wishes to truly and entirely enjoy all that Chinese art has to offer. Best way to learn Mandarin would be to immerse yourself in Chinese literature and cinema.


Travelling has recently started to make and occupy its own niche in the professional sector. Many people have been exploring their passion for travelling like never before. Travelling is always, without doubt, more enriching an experience when the locals are involved. Making friends with the locals would definitely help to discover the real Chinese life.

In addition to People’s Republic of China, Mandarin language is spoken in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Mongolia and the Philippines.

Improved hand control and coordination

The Chinese script involves characters and symbols that require steadiness of the hand. A lot of it is composed of smooth strokes and practicing it will make your fine motor skills better over time. Along with learning a new script, you will also be improving your artistic skills and motor coordination.

Mandarin Chinese learning is easier than you think

Chinese has a comparatively uncomplicated grammar.  The language structure has no gender and number distinctions or verb conjugation.  For example, in English you will have to distinguish between ‘bird’ and ‘birds’, but in Chinese, there is only one form: Niǎo. There is also no need to memorize different verb forms as a single word is used.

The sentence structure in Chinese is similar to that of English i.e., Subject – Verb – Object.  It will not be very difficult to learn Mandarin as there will be no need to invest time and energy to learn a new word order while constructing your sentences.

With recent increase in the number and efficiency of online language learning platforms, it has become even easier to learn Mandarin language. Many people prefer learning Chinese online over taking offline classes as it takes lesser time and effort while allowing the user to learn the language at his/her own pace.

These sites provide a wide array of courses for the users to choose from depending on what they find is the best way to learn Chinese for them.

Learn Chinese

Posted on06 Nov 2018

Why Learn Chinese? 

Learning Chinese extends many opportunities of personal and professional betterment.With speedy, steadfast globalisation bridging the gap between far corners of the world with a determined hand, learning a second language, such as Mandarin will help you more than you’d think.

*Trade level between the two countries is high.
*Because large population in India China, larger is the supply and demand.
*Indian consumers’ purchasing power matches the Chinese Product Pricing.
*Product based trade between India and China offer more opportunities to work with MNC companies on regular basis and almost negligible call center jobs in Chinese.

*Geographical distance is less between the two countries so easy and cheaper to travel.
*China offers many scholarships to study which no other foreign language has that much flexibility. Some more info can be written like above.

Most Widely Spoken Language

The Chinese population is the largest in the world, with approximately 1.4 billion people, constituting about 18.54% of the total world population, making Chinese the most widely spoken language in the world. Learning Mandarin will open doorways of communication with a lot of people, enabling you to form a deeper understanding connection with them.

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