why learn Chinese mandarin language
6 Nov 2018

Learn Chinese


Why Learn Chinese? 

Learning Chinese extends many opportunities of personal and professional betterment.With speedy, steadfast globalisation bridging the gap between far corners of the world with a determined hand, learning a second language, such as Mandarin will help you more than you’d think.

*Trade level between the two countries is high.
*Because large population in India China, larger is the supply and demand.
*Indian consumers’ purchasing power matches the Chinese Product Pricing.
*Product based trade between India and China offer more opportunities to work with MNC companies on regular basis and almost negligible call center jobs in Chinese.

*Geographical distance is less between the two countries so easy and cheaper to travel.
*China offers many scholarships to study which no other foreign language has that much flexibility. Some more info can be written like above.

Most Widely Spoken Language

The Chinese population is the largest in the world, with approximately 1.4 billion people, constituting about 18.54% of the total world population, making Chinese the most widely spoken language in the world. Learning Mandarin will open doorways of communication with a lot of people, enabling you to form a deeper understanding connection with them.

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