FAQ’s for HSK


Q. If I study Level 1 at HanYou can I give HSK level 1?
A: Yes, the levels at HanYou are designed in such a way that after completion of each level you can give the corresponding HSK test.

Q. Where can I take the HSK Test?
A: There are generally two ways you can take an HSK Test – in person or online. By “online”, it doesn’t mean that you can take the HSK Test at home – these are still administered in test centers, except you take an online version of the HSK instead of a paper based HSK test.
One reason why you might prefer the online test is that you can type answers – it might be appealing for those who have trouble remembering how to write characters, or prefer to type because it’s faster.
Either way, you can use the online registration to register for the tests – it’s really convenient.
1. Go to chinesetest.cn and register for a new account
2. Then, go to the “Test Registration” button at the top of the page.
3. You can select your test centre, date and information and click submit. (Please note that some test centers do not offer online testing, so if you select online testing, there might be no test centers available).
4. Then follow the steps and submit your personal information, and you will be registered for the test.
5. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have an online payment option – you have to pay at the centre before the deadline.
6. Voila! You’re done.

Q. Where can I find out HSK Test dates?
A: You can visit the official website for the HSK test dates. There’s usually a link on the homepage that leads to the test dates of the year.

Q. Where can I do HSK registration?
A: Same as the first question – register here.

Q. When can I find out my HSK Test results?
A: The test results dates are also on the official website on the same page as the exam dates. You can visit the official website.