Q. What is the duration to learn or speak Chinese language?
A: The minimum duration is 28 hours for the beginners. However if a student wishes to extend the number of hours, he/she can request for the same.

Q. Do I get Chinese Language Certificate after the completion of Chinese language Course?
A: Yes, a student is awarded with a certificate once he/she successfully completes a course at Han You.

Q. Can I also learn how to write and read during the Chinese course?
A: Yes, you can learn approximately 30-100 Characters in our beginner basic II.

Q. What kind of courses do you offer in Chinese language?
A: For details, please refer our courses section.

Q. Which Chinese language do you teach – Chinese Mandarin, Mandarin or Cantonese?
A: Chinese mandarin and mandarin are both same language. We do not teach Cantonese.

Q. What kind of job opportunities I can find after learning the Chinese language?
A: Since the scope is much wider, here are few jobs you may get
–> Chinese tour guide
–> Chinese interpreter or translator
–> Chinese IT software/hardware engineer
–> Banking business
–> Chinese teacher
–> Any field that relates to the language Chinese

Q. Who is going to teach me – A local Indian teacher or a Chinese/Taiwanese Native teacher?
A: All teachers at HAN YOU Chinese Language Institute are native speakers.

Q. Do you teach on weekdays and weekends both?
A: Yes, you can schedule the classes according to suitable time.

Q. I have already learnt basic Chinese. Do you have higher level Chinese Language Courses?
A: Yes, we offer an advance courses directly, however one has to clear the basic level entrance exam to enroll in the advance course.

Q. Are the teachers experienced in teaching Chinese Language?
A: Yes, all are teachers hold valuable experience for teaching Indians as well as foreigners.

Q. Do you also provide home tuition for Chinese Language?
A: Yes, however it is only for a group of students.

Q. Once the Chinese learning course is completed, do you also provide placements?
A: Yes, we do. We have very strong networks with Chinese industries in India.

Q. Do you also provide assistance to study in China or Taiwan or Hong Kong?
A: Yes, Han You is a Chinese education consultancy center. We help students to pursuit their dream in the Chinese world.

Q. Do you also teach Chinese language pronunciations?
A: Yes, we are native speakers of China. Hence we ensure the students earn the same way as native speaker speak.