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HSK4 Chinese Language Course for Non Beginners – Offline at Han You Institute

Course Details

Course Name:
HSK Level4
Course Duration:
100 hrs
Course Days:
Available in Both Weekdays and Weekends
Each Class Duration:
2hrs Session for Each Class
Native Chinese Teachers
HSK4 have internal reviews which covers Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening part

Course Content :

HSK4 Chinese Language Course for Non Beginners includes the below content:

# Students with HSK4 level knowledge are able to communicate in Chinese comfortably, can work with natives, can pursue higher studies or travel in China.

# Long Duration Course – HanYou Institute offers 100 hrs HSK4 Chinese Language Course for Non Beginners with Native Chinese Language Trainers.

# Grammar Part – HSK4 grammar constitutes of Conditional Statements, Simple, Complex and Comparison Sentence Patterns etc.

# Chinese Language Vocabulary – NEW HSK4 syllabus has additional Chinese vocabulary Words. As per New HSK4 course, students have to study and memorize between 3000 – 3500 words.

# Chinese Language Study Material – At HanYou Institute, our students get free study material in HSK4 course. Study material includes Books, Notes, Audios etc.

# Chinese Language Native Teachers – HanYou Institute conducts HSK4 Non Beginner course with Native Tutors. It is advisable to study HSK4 language program with Natives.

# Chinese Language Course Certificate – Language Center also offer Course Certificate after students Complete HSK4 program.

# HSK4 Exam Success Rate – Students at HanYou Institute secure above 80% marks in first attempt who have studied with us since from beginning of HSK1 till HSK4.

# Internal Exams – Institute conducts HSK4 level internal exams and mock tests on regular intervals. Internal exams covers speaking, listening, reading and writing Chinese Mandarin Language.

# HSK4 Certificate Exam – China Govt’s Education Department also conducts HSK4 Certification exams around the globe. Mandarin Language Students can apply online for HSK4 External Exam from anywhere.

# Free Counseling – Get free counseling to join HSK4 Chinese Language Course for Non Beginners at Han You. Free counseling by Native Chinese faculty help to choose the right level.

# Job Opportunities – Multi National Companies even contact HanYou institute for hiring purpose. Institute offers Job opportunities to HSK4 students.

What will be Covered in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing for HSK4 Chinese Language Course..

For More information on HSK4 Chinese Language Course for Non Beginners, kindly call or whatsapp @ 9560484269

Offline HSK4 Chinese Mandarin Course for Non Beginners

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