One Year Weekdays Chinese Language Course

One Year Weekdays Chinese Language Course:

Course Type Days Class Duration Course Timings Date
One Year Program Tue Wed Thu 2 hrs One Year 10:00~ 12:00PM 18th July 2019

One Year Weekdays Regular Course in Chinese Mandarin Language helps students to get jobs in different industries, professionals to get more advantage in their respective industry with additional Chinese Language Skills or to switch over to new profile in numerous Industries as new start which has humongous potential of growth. One Year Weekdays Chinese Language Course enables you to interact with Mandarin Speakers with more understanding and comfort.

One Year Chinese Mandarin Language Weekdays Course for Job Aspirants
At HanYou Chinese Language Institute only, you will get One Year Regular Chinese Course, where round the year, you will be taught by Native Chinese Teachers, with major focus on your practical knowledge of Chinese Language. Students who Graduated, Under Graduate, 12th Pass or doing studies through SOL, can opt for One Year Course during weekdays. The Schedule and Curriculum worked out in such manner that it will imply to attain maximum knowledge of Language in Minimum Time.

As a Career Aspirants, what are job placement opportunities?
More the trade level flourish between the two countries more international companies involve in Business trade, services and transactions which create numerous job opportunities in different sectors. Large number of job opportunities will help you to selectively look for the job which is more suitable to your preferences and also good career growth in near future.

How One Year Chinese Mandarin Course also benefit Businessmen
Businessmen with purpose of business expansion in Chinese World can opt for this course. For this, we periodically announce course with three different time schedule for three days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with timing slots either Morning 10am till 12pm or 1pm till 3pm or 4pm till 6pm. The One Year Course batch keep announced round the year. Course brings you the level of business communication where one can interact on various topics. Though course covers vast level of day to day important vocabulary but will not cover any specific industry’s technical terminology. But we do assist individuals who are interested to learn Field or Industry Specific Vocabulary.

Welcome to HanYou Chinese Language Institute for One Year Chinese Course Weekdays

Embark on an exciting journey to master the beauty of the Chinese language with our comprehensive one-year Chinese language course, meticulously designed for your success. Our program One Year Chinese Course Weekdays spans from HSK1 to HSK4 and covering fundamental to advanced proficiency levels, ensuring you emerge with a strong command of Mandarin.

Course Structure:

HSK1 Foundations

  • Dive into the basics of Mandarin, from greetings and numbers to everyday expressions. Lay the groundwork for your language journey with immersive learning experiences.

HSK1 Continued & Introduction to HSK2

  • Progress seamlessly into HSK1 concepts, solidifying your foundation. Simultaneously, explore the beginnings of HSK2, expanding your vocabulary and conversational abilities.

HSK2 to HSK4 Advancements

  • Accelerate your language skills by delving into more complex topics. From daily routines to advanced sentence structures, each Thursday will bring you closer to fluency.

Highlights of Our Program:

  1. Interactive Learning: Engage in dynamic classes, where interactive activities and multimedia resources make language acquisition a joyous experience.
  2. Real-Life Application: Bridge the gap between theory and practice by applying your knowledge to real-life scenarios, ensuring you can confidently navigate various situations.
  3. Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the richness of Chinese culture. Gain insights into traditions, customs, and contemporary life, making your language journey culturally enriching.
  4. Flexible Learning Paths: Recognizing diverse learning styles, we provide flexibility in learning paths, ensuring a personalized educational experience tailored to your needs.
  5. Native Speaker Interaction: Sharpen your conversational skills through live sessions and cultural exchanges with native Mandarin speakers, enhancing your language proficiency.
  6. Progress Tracking: Monitor your progress, set achievable goals, and receive constructive feedback. Witness your language abilities grow as you navigate through the levels.


Your one-year journey will be marked by a certificate and mentioning your achievements. Beyond the certificate, you’ll carry with you the confidence to communicate effectively in Mandarin, opening doors to new opportunities and connections.

Join us at HanYou Chinese Language Institute, where language learning becomes an adventure, and proficiency is the destination. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Enroll now! WhatsApp us at 09560484269 and discover the power of mastering the Chinese language with HanYou!