One Year Chinese language course

A comprehensive one-year Chinese language learning program covering HSK1, HSK2, HSK3, and HSK4 over weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) with Native Tutors at Han You Language Institute, gives you an alternative to learn the Chinese Mandarin Language in India (Location- South Delhi NCR). Course Structure as Below:
Weeks 1-12: HSK1 (Basic)
Topics: Greetings and Introductions | Numbers and counting | Everyday expressions and simple sentences | Basic Chinese characters and stroke order | Common nouns, verbs, and adjectives
Weeks 13-24: HSK1 (Continued) & Introduction to HSK2
Topics: Daily routines and activities | Asking for and giving directions | Shopping and ordering food
| Describing family and relationships | Expanding vocabulary for HSK2
Weeks 25-36: HSK2 (Elementary)
Topics: Past and future tenses | Describing likes and dislikes | Talking about hobbies and interests
| Expressing opinions and preferences | Introduction to HSK3 vocabulary
Weeks 37-48: HSK3 (Intermediate)
Topics: Travel and transportation | Health and medical situations | Describing experiences and events
|Advanced sentence structures and grammar | Introduction to HSK4 vocabulary
Weeks 49-60: HSK4 (Intermediate to Advanced)
Topics: Advanced conversational skills | Business and workplace language | Discussing current events and news | Writing short essays and passages | Review and practice for all HSK levels
Weeks 61-52: Review and Practice
Topics: Comprehensive review of HSK1-HSK4 | Mock tests and practice exams | Fine-tuning language skills

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One Year Program

Our one year program is a long term program specially designed for learners who need in depth knowledge of the language in order to further their education and career.

What is One Year Program?

The Program starts with a brief overview of the language and learning Chinese pronunciation through the use of Pinyin. You will also learn about the formation of the written Chinese characters and the formation of words. Words and phrases will be presented via audio, Chinese script, Pinyin and English to facilitate learning. The main aim of our one year program is to make students be able to recognize a minimum of one thousand Chinese characters while being able to write half of them at least; to be able to study Character Texts and be able to write compound-complex paragraphs; with heavier emphasis on grammar and idiomatic Chinese expressions. This One Year Chinese Program is a long term program ideal for learners who need in depth knowledge of the language in order to further their education and career.


Key Features

  • Learn effective communication, spoken fluency, pronunciation and accent, as well as reading skills.

  • Listening skills, HR advice, such as CV editing, tips on writing cover letters, and assistance in finding permanent (or part-time) employment after the conclusion of your internship.

  • Mail and calling skills in Mandarin, Visa assistance, including all the documents you’ll need to come to China, as well as support and assistance should you choose to extend your stay in China.

  • Presentation & negotiation skills, Cultural and Chinese Language orientation upon arrival in China.

  • Monthly exams, Limited students per class, Learning with different Native Chinese teachers, Regular classes from Tuesday to Thursday, 2 Hours per day, Certificate by the end of the program, Job Oriented Program.

Program Outcome

After successfully completing the program, students can expect to converse with accuracy, clarity and precision. The students can carry out basic translation work. They will also be able to appear for HSK Level 3 and TOCFEL level 3 which is favorable for applying for a job in China and Taiwan.

The classes are very fun and informative, I enjoy the teaching style a lot. The small size of the class is the best point as the teacher can give individual attention to all of us. The teacher always motivates me to speak Chinese hence my Chinese has improved a lot.

Hifzur, One Year Batch Student

I am satisfied from the way of teaching from our teachers. The way of teaching is very different as compared to Indian teachers. We enjoyed the activities in the class, conversation with other teachers and monthly test.

Astha, One Year Batch Student

This is a huge comment but it is true! My dad shifted to India from Nepal for our studies but after joining Han You first time I felt its worth studying in India.

Anjali, One Year Batch Student

Hanyou is a very welcoming institute, from day one I felt very comfortable in speaking Chinese. The teachers and the teaching material are all very helpful and easy to understand, good for self study as well and practicing Chinese regularly with my teacher also makes it all the more easier.

Pragati, One Year Batch Student

Native Teachers are Han You’s biggest strength, through one year program I am able to focus on various conversational topics, increase my Chinese vocabulary and improve my grammar. The teachers are all incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They all go an extra mile to make us understand better.

Akshay, One Year Batch Student

The teaching material is quite helpful as the meanings are given after each conversation. Apart from the curriculum I also learnt about the culture & challenges one faces while in China.

Varun, One Year Batch Student