Passage to India

“India is a virgin market worth exploring. And I’m a chemistry major who loves to experiment,” said Cannie Min (閔幼林), who first came to India in 2005 to assess the possibility of starting a business in the country. Two of her ventures failed, including a short-lived attempt to sell bubble tea, and though many people would have quit and flown home, Min chose to stay. In 2008, she began to teach Mandarin in New Delhi, tutoring locals including businesspeople wishing to connect with the Chinese-speaking world. Today, she not only operates the Han You Chinese Language Institute, which offers courses at different levels and generates stable revenue, but also provides advice to Taiwanese coming to India for business. “I see past failures as an asset. They’re something I can learn from as I move forward,” she said. Min’s role is an important one, especially given the small size of the Taiwanese population in India.