Sunday Only Chinese Course

Sunday Only Course Schedule:

Course Type Days  Class Duration Course Duration Timings Date
Sunday Only Sunday 3 hrs 48 hrs 2:30 ~ 5:30PM 21st July 2019

Sunday Only Course :

Sunday Only Chinese Language course mainly cater those people who are almost working round the clock every week. Sunday only Chinese Language program will primarily focus on Spoken Classes where Communication in Chinese is more importantly focused. It will also focus on covering basic structure of Chinese language which includes Tones, Day to Day basis Vocabulary, Sentence Patterns, Speaking and Listening Practice. Altogether Sunday only course ensure your absolute and successful time investment for Learning Chinese Language without disturbing your daily routine of work.

“Course for professional people who are working 6 days” Considering current economic situation and trade level between India and China, people in India are inclined towards learning Chinese Language for various reasons, Course of Sunday Only Chinese Language Program will help them to learn Chinese Language without any compromise with their working schedule. Although it will take comparatively bit longer time when compared with Han You Chinese Language Institute’s Regular Weekdays or Weekend course but still they will be learning Chinese Language with Sunday Only Classes.

“Course for Businessmen who are occupied from Monday till Saturday” All those Businessmen who are successfully running their businesses in Delhi NCR, and somehow they feel that Basic level of Chinese is must for them to deal with Chinese people for services or products purchasing and negotiation, can also opt for Sunday only course for Chinese Language studies. This will enable to communicate with Chinese Manufacturer or Traders without any help or assistance from Interpreters or Translators, which benefits the businessmen to still maintain the secrecy of their businesses.

“Course for students who have classes 6 days” Regular Students who are in schools, Colleges or Universities, can also go for Sunday only program. Main objective to start this Sunday only course is that you can maintain your regular studies without any additional pressure of studies and simultaneously they can study Chinese Language on Slow pace with Han You Chinese Language Institute. Students can plan the schedule of Joining Language classes with combination to their regular studies. So that once they finish their regular studies and simultaneously also finish Chinese Language Studies. This way they can straight away apply for Job. Sunday only Course is for people who want to learn Chinese for long term on regular basis.