One Year Weekend Chinese Mandarin Course

Welcome to HanYou Chinese Language Institute: One Year Weekend Mandarin Course

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of Mandarin Chinese with our immersive one year weekend mandarin course. Designed to accommodate your busy schedule, this program covers HSK1, HSK2, and HSK3 levels, providing a comprehensive foundation and advancing your proficiency in the language.

one year weekend mandarin course

One Year Weekend Mandarin Course Overview:

HSK1 Foundations

Begin your journey by mastering essential basics. Learn greetings, numbers, and fundamental vocabulary and will be dedicated to building a solid foundation for your Mandarin proficiency.

HSK1 Continued & Introduction to HSK2

Deepen your understanding of HSK1 concepts while simultaneously introducing HSK2 topics and will focus on expanding vocabulary and enhancing conversational skills.

HSK2 Advancements

Transition seamlessly into HSK2. Dive into more complex sentence structures, daily life scenarios, and practical language applications during weekend sessions.

HSK2 to HSK3 Transition

Elevate your language skills by bridging the gap between HSK2 and HSK3. This course will be dedicated to honing your proficiency and preparing you for more advanced linguistic challenges.

HSK3 Mastery

In-depth exploration of HSK3-level content over both days of the weekend. Achieve fluency in diverse topics, express opinions, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Highlights of Our Weekend Course:

Condensed Learning: Maximize your weekends with condensed and impactful learning sessions, allowing you to make significant progress in a short period.

Practical Application: Apply your knowledge to real-life scenarios, ensuring you can confidently communicate in various situations outside the classroom.

Flexible Learning Paths: Tailor your learning experience with flexibility on weekends. We understand the demands of your schedule and offer a convenient approach to language acquisition.

Progress Tracking: Monitor your progress systematically, set achievable goals, and receive feedback to witness your language proficiency flourish.

Course Completion and Beyond:

Your journey culminates in accomplishments of mastering HSK1, HSK2, and HSK3. Beyond the certificate, you’ll possess the skills and confidence to navigate a variety of linguistic challenges.

Enroll now at HanYou Chinese Language Institute, WhatsApp us at 09560484269 and make your weekends a pathway to Mandarin mastery. Let’s embark on this linguistic adventure together!

Discover the joy of learning Mandarin with HanYou – where weekends become a gateway to language excellence!

One Year Weekend Course Chinese Course

Course Type Days Class Duration Course Timings Date
One Year Program Sat Sun 2 hrs One Year 10:00~ 2:00PM 18th July 2019

One Year Weekends Course:
One Year Weekends Course is not much different from One Year Weekdays Course. There is difference of Number of hours. In Weekdays One Year program we cover till HSK4 or Level4 of Chinese where as in Weekend we will cover Chinese Language studies till HSK3 or Level3. This Weekend Chinese Mandarin Language course is mainly joined by students who do regular studies during weekdays. And All those professionals who are working 5 days Monday till Friday in Corporate world, can join this course. This will help Chinese Language Learning aspirants to achiever professional level of Language Communication. Thus, can appear for Language based Job interviews.

One Year Chinese Mandarin Language Weekends Course for Job Aspirants
Corporate Industry starts looking for Chinese Language speaker with HSK3 or Level3 knowledge or certification. Some of these corporate companies focus on Good Communication skills in Chinese Language with bit of industry experience.

Course Structure:
First Three Months on weekends we cover HSK1, Next Three Months we cover HSK2, however HSK3 would require 6months if classes are on Weekends with duration of Each Class 2 hrs. This course mainly covers communication, with monthly internal exams. And these exams helps to understand weaker areas to cover.